DBSBackup Remote Backup Vs In-house Backup

If you are performing in-house backups, you ae probably using tape media and sending them to an off-site data storage location. If you are backing up to physical drives, you are most likely keeping the drives on your premises. This is not safe, any disaster that affects your building can possibly destroy both your working systems and your backups. For those that send tape backups to off-site storage locations, there are lots of reasons why you should consider remote on-line backups.

The Cons of Off-site Tape Storage

  • Investment in equipment required.
  • Tapes deteriorate with time have to be replaced periodically.
  • Data written to tapes is not usually encrypted, allowing anyone with access to your tapes to view your data.
  • Improper handling and transportation of data tapes can result in data loss.
  • Manpower is required to mount tapes and manage tape usage.
  • Tapes have to be transported to and from the storage location daily.
  • There is a cost for each tape delivery and retrieval transaction.
  • You do  not have immediate access to your backup data. This prevents you from immediately restoring files should the need arise.
  • The operating cost is high relative the cost of remote backups.
  • You are often unaware that a backup was incomplete until you attempt to restore data.
  • If you are in a small country and there is a national disaster such as a hurricane, your backups could be destroyed.


The Benefits of DBSBackup Remote backups

  • No additional investment in equipment is required.
  • Data not prone to deterioration,
  • Your data is fully encrypted and you alone have the decryption key.
  • The backup process is fully automated and does not require human intervention.
  • There is a fixed low monthly fee for the service.
  • A redundant copy of your data is stored in a different country to protect against a national disaster.
  • You have full access to all of your backup data and can perform a full or partial restoration at any time without having to contact or notify DBSBackup .
  • DBSBackup notifies you by email of successful, incomplete or missed backups.