About Us

Who We Are?


DBSBackup is the Data Protection and recovery division of Digital Business Systems Inc. (DBS). DBS is a major software development company in the Caribbean with customers in over twenty of Caribbean countries. Our Data protection division is dedicated to ensuring that our customer’s computer data is well protected and that customers can recover their systems immediately after a major disaster. In order to ensure the maximum protection of customers’ data, backups stored on our backup server in the Caribbean are mirrored  on our cloud server in the US.  We provide our customers with a personalized service , assist then with structuring proper backup plans and ensuring that they are well protected.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Data protection and disaster recovery is our work and our strength.
  • Our focus is the protection of your data.
  • We have built our online systems with you and your protection in mind.
  • Our DBSBackup software is very versatile and will cater to all your backup needs.
  • We have taken special precautions to ensure that you can always recover your data by implementing an emergency web restore process and providing customers with access to our sand-alone restore application. Either of these can be used to restore your system if you lost your DBSBackup software during a disaster.
  • Your backup data is strongly encrypted prior to leaving your premises, and you alone hold the decryption key. Your data is therefore completely safe and secure during transmission to our servers and while it is stored on our servers. 
  • We will work with you and help you implement a suitable backup plan.
  • With DBSBackup you can have peace of mind.
  • We are there for you